vrijdag 23 april 2010

Carl Menger essay-contest


Eligibility: The contest is open to undergraduate students and recent graduates from any discipline. Entrants must be enrolled in undergraduate coursework at some point during the 2010 calendar year, and must not hold a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree as of January 31, 2010. Those graduating at the end of the spring or summer are eligible.

Rules: Essays must be the sole and original work of the entrant and not previously published. They should be in the format of a scholarly article, with any standard citation format. Essays may either be written specifically for the contest or arise from previous coursework (e.g., term papers, research projects, senior theses, etc.). They should be between 4,000 and 12,000 words long, including notes, abstract, and bibliography.

Topics: Any topic related to the themes addressed by the above or related schools of thought is acceptable. Those composing original essays are welcome to address any of the following questions that are of particular interest to the Prize Committee. These are merely suggestions:

1. Among the oldest questions in economics is: why are some nations rich and others poor? How might the ideas of Carl Menger help to better answer that question?

2. Both Haiti and Chile suffered from devastating earthquakes in the past year. What does economics— understood as the science of exchange—contribute to our understanding of such tragedies?

3. Healthcare reform has entailed a wide range of new government interventions into the economy. Can the theory of rent seeking shed any light on this process or its results?

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