zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Volgende keer dat iemand zegt dat vrouwen systematisch onder betaald worden...

hier is het antwoord:

But to those persons who believe that women are indeed consistently underpaid, boy do I have a deal for you! Start your own firms and hire only women. If it’s true that women are consistently underpaid, you’ll be able to hire outstanding employees by paying them more than the relative pittances they currently earn, while you still profit handsomely from employing them.

And that’s not all. Being benighted male chauvinists, your competitors will not follow your example; they will stubbornly refuse to offer female employees wages commensurate with these women’s productivity. You’ll expand your operations by easily hiring highly productive, formerly underpaid workers while your competitors – made stupid by prejudice – will shrivel into bankruptcy as they lose productive employee after productive employee. You’ll simultaneously corner your industry’s market, earn handsome profits, and raise women’s wages. If you’re correct that sex discrimination is rampant in today’s labor market, you can’t lose! So get to work!

Nu is de claim niet dat in alle gevallen mannen en vrouwen per se evenveel betaald krijgen. Wel dat de factor 'systematische discriminatie' verre van een dominante, bepalende rol kan spelen in de verschillen daartussen.

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