vrijdag 4 december 2009

Hayek zijn 'Economic Freedom & Representative Government'

Is nu beschikbaar!

Leuk citaat.

"Such a legislative assembly could be achieved if, first, its members were elected for long periods, secondly, they were not eligible for re-election after the end of the period, and, thirdly, to secure a continuous renewal of the body in accord with gradually changing... Lees verder opinions among the electorate, its members were not all elected at the same time but a constant fraction of their number replaced every year as their mandate expired; or, in other words, if they were elected, for instance, for fifteen years and one-fifteenth of their number replaced every year. It would further seem to me expedient to provide that at each election the representatives should be chosen by and from only one age-group so that every citizen would vote only once in his life, say in his fortieth year, for a representative chosen from his age-group."

Ik ben niet zeker of ik hier voorstander van ben, maar het is een leuk gedachteexperiment.

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