zondag 13 december 2009

Literatuur en economie

Literature & The Economics of Liberty: Spontaneous order in Culture

Geen idee wat ik er van moet denken (heb het nog maar net ontdekt), maar het ziet er eigenlijk wel razend interessant uit.

Een citaat uit het laatste artikel (dat ik nog niet helemaal gelezen heb).

The object of Marxism’s scorn is, quite simply, civil society. But it is civil society, more than anything else, which it has never been able to understand. And for this reason it is incredible that literary critics have thought Marxism could provide any guidance in our efforts better to understand either those works of literature (canonical or otherwise) which offer us some insight into human society and the human condition, or those less ambitious works which are nonetheless products, and reflections, of civil society. Marxism is not the lens through which we should look at literature because it is not the lens through which we should look at the world. For it is, in the end, not the means of demystification its proponents claim, but simply another Western, bourgeois myth—though, tragically, one whose power has so gripped its political adherents that it has inspired a brutality unmatched in its scope even by the worst twentieth-century nationalisms.

Ziet er toch niet slecht uit, he;

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